Who we are

Albpetrol sh.a is the Albanian public Oil and Gas Upstream Company. Founded on 6 April 1999, Albpetrol inherited all the assets and oilfields in Albania after the fall of the Communist regime. Company headquarters are located in the city of Patos, Fier County. The company has also a representative office located in Tirana, the Albanian Capital. We operate is several Albanian regions such as Fier, Ballsh, Patos, Kuçovë, Vlorë, Delvinë etc.

Production of natural gas

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Doing Business in Albania

The Albanian Law On Foreign Investments attempts to create a hospitable investment climate. The law provides guarantees to all foreign entities (be them natural or legal persons) willing to invest in Albania and stipulates the following:
No prior government authorization is needed and no sector is closed to foreign investments;
There is no limitation on the percentage share of foreign participation in companies-100% foreign ownership is possible;
Foreign investors have the right to expatriate all funds and contributions in kind of their investment;
Albania’s tax system does not distinguish between foreign and domestic investors;
There are no restrictions on the purchase of private residential property;
Foreign investments may not be expropriated or nationalized directly or indirectly and shall not be subject to any measure or similar action, except for public purposes determined by law. Foreign investments shall be treated in a non-discriminatory manner and paid immediately, in a fair and effective manner, in accordance with the law;
In all cases and at all times investments shall receive an equal and unbiased treatment and shall be fully protected;
Investors in Albania are entitled to judicial protection of legal rights related to their investments. The Albanian Civil Procedure Code outlines provisions regarding domestic and international commercial arbitration. The ICSID Convention has entered into force for Albania since November 14, 1991.

Regional positioning

Albania is situated in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. According to the American Energy Information Administration, the Balkan region has a very large amount of oil reserves. Mostly these reserves are located in Albania, especially in the Patos-Marinzë site, which is considered to be the largest oilfield in the continental Europe.

Its location, at the center of a natural crossroad of the main transport corridors across Europe, places Albania in a strategic geographic position. With the completion of the 8th Corridor, the expected operation of the gas pipeline project TAP, further development of the infrastructures capacities of the leading ports, Albania shall connect the Mediterranean hub ports with the European markets they serve, with the Balkan region and further with the markets surrounding the Black Sea. The general Albanian transport infrastructure is subject to the general transportation plan, adopted every five years by the Government of Albania, which has recently focused its performance on the construction of new parts of the transport network, especially roads.

National Positioning

Strategically positioned in the heart of Albania, Albpetrol offers easy access from the two main sea ports in Durres and Vlora, also the two industrial ports build specifically for oil and gas.

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Collaboration Possibilities

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