Invitation for express of interest

Invitation for express of interest


Albpetrol JSC hereby announces the declaration of the free oil and gas blocks and oil fields in Albania that are under the administration of Albpetrol.

Also attached you will find the Application Form for all the interested parties.


Any interested party might apply for the following free blocks and oil fields:

  • Gorisht-Kocul oilfield
  • Cakran-Mollaj oilfield
  • Adriatic offshore blocks 2, 3 and 4

Any party interested in entering into a Petroleum Agreement with Albpetrol JSC for the abovementioned blocks and/or oilfields must file and officially submit via mail the Application Form [ Aplication Form (Albanian)Aplication Form (English) ] attached hereby and all the corresponding documents as specified in the Application Form.


The Application Form and the relevant documents must be authentic and signed in each page by the interested parties and also must contain the official seal of the company.


The Application Form and the relevant documents must be submitted for each block or oilfield separately, at the following address: Albpetrol sh.a., Fier-Patos National Street, 7th Km, Patos, Albania.


Any Application Form and document submitted at MEI will be forwarded to Albpetrol for evaluation within 10 days period.


The delivery of the Application Form and any other relevant documentation shall be considered as an official express of interest by the applying subject.

All applications must be officially submitted to Albpetrol no later than 2 May 2017, 10am (local time). No application shall be accepted after the final deadline as specified herein.

Any party interested in acquiring the technical data available to Albpetrol related to any of the abovementioned blocks or oilfields must submit a formal request via email to our person of contact, Mrs. Redona Hadaj, at:

Please be advised that all technical data regarding any of these blocks or oilfields are subject to a fee. For more information please contact Mrs. Hadaj.